About us



Our company works in tight production from about 50 years ago. In 1968 our company was born with the name 4M by brothers as an artisan company. Thanks to the hard and costant job from the four brothers our company grows in area and production so it becomes an industry in 1986. In the next years we grow with the export and for marketing reasons in 1995 the company becams Four em s.r.l.. After while we begin to work all together the old generation and the young one with the two most important elements: Experience and innovation the company grows with good results. In 2011 caused by the global pollution we decided to install solar pannels with an annual production of 60.000 Kwatt, able to save about 30 ton of Co2. In 2016 we changed our image, logo, packaging and the name, so it was born New Four em s.r.l., an young company but with a lot of experience we are sure to grow in quality and innovation of the new products.



Thanks to advanced tecnology machineries and an efficient staff we can grant an high and costant check in every level of our job, from the production, the textiling, to the finishing touch, using semi and automatic machineries of last generation to at arrive the department packaging and dispatch. All our production is costantly checked by a computerized collection system which always grant a continual keeping up in our storehouse. Our company can produce personalized tights we have a large showroom where you can find classical and patterned tights. We are able to carry out stocking, tights, leggings, knee-high and socks for our claients with a very good collaboration of an external designers who can create new packaging lines. We sell our products in italy but mainly in all the europe like: France, Belgium, Spain, Germany and Hungary.